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Fredrick L Jordan d.b.a Landandpermits.com is an WA State Licensed, Insured and Bonded General Contractor and Land Developer License no. LANDPC*774BZ Click He

Our Proprietary Land Development Tools

Proprietary tools in the residential land-buying process provide numerous advantages that streamline decision-making and acquisition, including enhanced data analysis for informed decisions, increased efficiency through automation, a competitive edge by identifying opportunities early, risk mitigation by assessing potential liabilities, and customization and scalability to suit organizational needs. These tools also facilitate seamless integration with other business systems, ensuring cohesive workflows and improved productivity. We spent years and hundreds of projects to create tools that work!

Client Project Portal

L&P is excited to introduce our exclusive Client Portal! Now available for login via our website, this portal empowers you to monitor your project's progress in real-time, access a comprehensive knowledge base, review invoices for materials and development expenses, and view all related documents and photographs. Tailored specifically for our unique processes, our Client Portal is your one-stop solution to oversee your project's journey from start to finish.

Landbuyerclub.com is our commitment to bringing you closer to a community of like-minded individuals embarking on their unique land-buying journeys. Gain access to information from other land buyers, forum, industry experts, and Knowledge Base. You may also engage with a community that understands the intricacies of land buying and other build-On-Your-Own Lot clients. Share your experiences, and ask questions.
Feasibility Assistance

In land development, "feasibility" is often used but not comprehensively understood. Feasibility involves an in-depth assessment beyond just the potential for development; it examines a project's financial, legal, technical, and environmental viability. This analysis is crucial for identifying potential obstacles, ensuring economic viability, compliance with regulations, and aligning with community and market demands.

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