Fredrick L. Jordan

Sole Proprietor: Realtor / Land Development Consultant / Land Buyer's Advocate

Fred Jordan is a U.S. Marine Veteran a Sole Proprietor DBA as He has been married for nearly 30 years and has three adult children working for the Federal Government. He did his first land transaction in Arizona in 2005 and has been involved in aspects of land development from purchasing to awarding and managing multi-million dollar federal contracts. 

​Fredrick Jordan has been personally responsible for over 150 Residential Single Family Projects in the last three years.
Learning From Other Past Failure
Fredrick was the sole owner of a multi-million dollar construction company that was forced to close its two locations (Pierce & Thurston Counties). It was a union company, and although It had started for all the right reasons, it eventually lost its way. The reason for failure was numerous (grew too fast, rampant employee theft, burying both parents within 14 months due to covid, poor performing subs, wife's stage 4 cancer diagnosis, frontline forepersons running amok (putting their self-interest above the company), etc. However, Fredrick took the closing of his business personally. "No words can explain how much it hurt when I closed that business. I knew the risk involved, but I believed in my vision and did not want the fear of failure to paralyze its capabilities". He understood that failure and fault are virtually inseparable; thus, as the construction company's sole leader, the blame lay at his feet, and he accepted that fact.

He Fired Himself

To start new, he had to challenge his old assumptions, thinking, and behaviors. " I took a deep breath and fired myself!". That's right. He fired himself to take himself out of his role so he could create some mental distance. Second, he considered what he would do to reapply for his position, what he would say in an interview about the changes he would make, and the improvements he would implement. Answering those questions candidly and constructively helped — it also reenergized him for developing and implementing new processes. Answering those questions candidly and constructively helped and reenergized him for developing and implementing new processes.

Created Resolve

The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible. Yet executing it well is extraordinarily rare and challenging. This gap is not due to a lack of commitment to learning from the past. Instead, according to most business experts, it is based on the premise that all failures are wrong, which is false. Fred analyzed every aspect, incorporated processes to address those risks, and created new strategies for land buyers to help avoid those risks.

A Culture of Candor

To be a TRUE Advocate for my clients, Fred believes humility and candor are necessary. Unfortunately, he thinks the market is full of agents that pose as land experts (Posers). Land buyers need an agent that will be truthful about their experience. Unfortunately, some agents need to learn what they are doing yet promote themselves as land experts.

Success is Often Preceded By Failure

Fredrick understood failure is generally bad; however, all failures are not created equal. A company's failure can sometimes be bad, inevitable, and occasionally good. So Fredrick spent a considerable amount of time conducting a Robust Failure Analysis, deep diving past superficial excuses like " procedures were not followed" or "it was the employee's fault", and etc. He completed the following steps

  • He Knows Who To Trust: Fred learned that the market is full of "Poser Land Agents", "Wanna Be Builders", and "Vampiar Civil firms"(See His Blog).  As a result, we will not work with just anyone or any firm. We only work with Highly skilled proefessionals who share our same values and goals and have an extensive record of success to prove it.  
  • Land Buyer's Advocate: At a basic level, there are a lot of pitfalls and risk accosoiated with buying and developing land. He deleloped propriatry process and tools to mitagate those risk and is invested in the overall project, not the sale. 
  • Predictable Outcomes: Shame can accompany failure, but only if you let it. Learn to tune out any non-constructive, negative feedback that comes from failing. Building self-trust can boost your confidence when you try again, which may lead to future success.



Masters Certificate- 2016

Lean/Six Sigma Business Quantitative Analysis 4.0 GPA
Related coursework:Histograms, Sub Process Mapping, Histograms, Scales and Probability, Central Limit Theorem, Project Charter, Quality Function Deployment, Process Mapping, Criteria for Collecting  Data, Types of Data, Data Collection Plan, Binomial, Hypergeometric and F Distributions, B, ProcessMapping, and etc


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Federal Contracting 

Related coursework: knowledge of business management principles; mastery of the underlying function of an organization, such as financial management, marketing, accounting, operations management, and information systems management; and the legal, regulatory and management requirements unique to the acquisition, contracting and program management fields.


BA Degree In Business - 2015

Organizational Management 3.6 (Cum Laude with Honors)


BA Degree In Business - 2015

Organizational Management 3.6 (Cum Laude with Honors)

In closing, Fred works with a team of high performers who share the same values and are always looking for ways to improve. They are not perfect, but perfection is what they pursue every day!